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Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra (File picture)

MUMBAI: The Mahindra Group joins the lengthy listing of Indian corporates who’ve floated their very own non-public college. The industrial group which already runs a know-how school out of the erstwhile Satyam campus in Telangana, will develop its choices by adopting an interdisciplinary tutorial method, integrating the research of science and know-how with the humanities, ethics and philosophy, and design.
As part of the rapid plan, the college will launch its college of administration (2021-22), college of legislation (2021-22), Indira Mahindra college of schooling (2021-22), college of media and liberal arts (2022-23) and college of design (2023-24).
In a choose roundtable, Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra mentioned he notably preferred its anthem: “Educating future citizens for and of a better world”. “Creating a better world will always be work-in-progress. But this statement tells you where the heart of the university is. It’s about bringing change and it is about changing the world to be a better place for everyone, which I think for all of us who have gone through this pandemic know in our gut that we are not going to accept the world as it was before when we come through this pandemic, whether by the end of this year or next year,” added Mahindra.
Whether college students of humanities and liberal arts shall be in forex in a post-Covid world could also be questionable for a lot of CEOs who could contemplate such graduates as flab. “It’s a myth that people from liberal arts are not going be in demand. Post-Covid, a number of people are looking at how to prune their costs and, productivity is going to be what will, unfortunately, see a lot of jobs being pruned.” But he rapidly added that many firm honchos have been considering in a different way. “People who are in greatest demand are philosophers.”
Quoting a CEO of a synthetic intelligence firm with who he not too long ago had a dialog, Mahindra mentioned, “It is only philosopher who know how to deal with ambiguity. He said, it is not the engineers who understand ambiguity. So, we need people who understand how to make sense of the patterns in ambiguity. And if you look at what Covid has done, it has in fact created a world where ambiguity is going to be the dominant feature of our entire world, let alone the economy. So, I have a feeling that liberal arts people’s salary and demand is going to go up.”
“Liberal arts education has its own strengths, which are lost when we go into pure technology, or technology as it is practised currently. It has no place for humanities, it has no place for philosophy; it has no place for any other aspects of education, without which, education is incomplete,” mentioned Vineet Nayyar, govt vice chairman of Tech Mahindra. “He added that at the MU, was an opportunity to “re-imagine” schooling and “get out of the normal cliched artificial barriers”. “Without humanities, you cannot have science and without science, humanities is of no use.”
An estimated 4,000 Students and over 300+ school members shall be in place throughout the assorted colleges at Mahindra University over the subsequent 5 years. Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC) College of Engineering was arrange in 2014 and was affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. Its payment was set at Rs Four lakh when it was arrange and has remained fixed since then.
Admissions for the present 12 months begin instantly. “We need more world class institutions in India. If you look at how many universities India would need if we need to double the number of people who go to college, we will need one new university every other day for the next 30 years. The problem is mind-boggling,” added Mahindra. Currently, one in eight Indians go to school.


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