India ought to play a bigger function in Central America’s growth and may supply safety options, say consultants

The terrain makes it simpler for criminals to cover and difficult for regulation enforcement authorities. (Credit: Google Maps)

Central America with a inhabitants of 50 million nearly equal that of Colombia. All the nations have entry to each the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea apart from El Salvador and Belize. This coupled with Panama’s monetary centre makes these nations engaging places for medication trafficking, organised crime and monetary frauds similar to cash laundering. The low financial progress, social disparity and political instability present fertile floor for the gang wars, medication commerce, unlawful migration and human trafficking. The terrain makes it simpler for criminals to cover and difficult for regulation enforcement authorities. Inequalities, corruption and crime are the highest priorities of just about all of the nations of the isthmus, in addition to key push-factors inflicting folks emigrate in the direction of the US.

India can present safety options within the area say one of many nation’s topmost C4I consultants.

Sharing his views on India’s function in offering safety options to the area, Milind Kulshreshtha, an Indian C4I knowledgeable says “The aim of every Government is to create a strong deterrence against all sorts of crimes through the use of Police Force and other Agencies to ensure unnecessary violence in all forms is curtailed to bring in peace and tranquillity for Nation’s prosperity.”

However, to realize these present sources require to be optimally utilized via means like in the present day’s trendy digital Command and Control System. “This can make deployment of an optimum force level as per the threat perceived using tools like Analytics and Predictive Policing. In turn, here the Threat Perception emerges from the Real-time situational awareness built over the ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Recce) information. A robust ISR can be the way ahead to achieve the deterrence and help in deployment of armed Police Force optimally. This means that the Command and Control system shall be based on an effective and robust communication network, thereby making Policing role based on a true C3I (Command, Control, Communication & Intelligence) system,” Milind Kulshreshtha explains.

The assertion of President Nayib Bukele, of El Salvador, stated that “The police and the armed forces must prioritise safeguarding their lives, those of their companions and honest citizens. The use of lethal weapons is authorized in self-defence or defence of lives of Salvadoreans” already units the stage of fundamentals of C3I algorithms.

According to the C4I knowledgeable, “The C3I shall require induction of some of the new sensors like Unmanned) Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Analytic through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The solutions like UAVs and AI can be included smoothly within the framework of C3I at a much lesser expense. India has a flourishing industry for all these advanced technologies.”


UAVs are the newest aerial means to assemble real-time ISR data. The two kinds of drones which have relevance listed here are the smaller fixed-wing and rotary drones. “The fixed-wing UAVs can be pre-programmed to effectively undertake surveillance over the larger area, even while locking the camera gimbal on a specific spot (as per the operator’s attention area). For night operations, the payload can be the Infra-Red camera fitted on the UAV, and these have a resolution to even identify the shape of a motorcycle rider, and further, target tracking capability can calculate the route and future direction viz. destination of the vehicle,” the C4I knowledgeable provides. Adding, “Further, to maintain a closer lookout, a rotary drone can play an effective role, whereas provision exists to land the rotary drone in an area to provide a vigil and the drone can be flown back or re-positioned at a new vantage point.”

“An analytics run on the images can produce some valuable insights into the operation methodologies of each of the gang uniquely, yet again, helping in the predictive policing. Remarkably, the use of a grenade launcher drone can become an effective deterrence tool to discourage gang wars. An explosive carrying drone in a night can create a high deterrence within a group of mis-adventurous lot, depending on the darkness as a shield,” he suggests.

Predictive Policing

In his knowledgeable opinion, the `Threat Perception’ based mostly on real-time ISR data can help in predictive policing. Newer instruments can help in figuring out geographical and time spot areas of crime, create a profile of the felony teams. and assist create digital ‘Police’. The Analysis of the patterns shaped by frequent offenders shall be developed on a number of parts.

Personnel Training: A Simulator based mostly coaching of Police personnel can help within the implementation of the brand new period sensors and instruments for ease of studying by the police, in order that such hi-tech measures grow to be a norm in on a regular basis crime prevention actions.

There are enormous alternatives for the Indian personal sector to ship such Simulators, in type of Hardware and Software. And additionally, to the area for promoting drones, night time imaginative and prescient units, physique armour in addition to associated gear.

US -Central America commerce and investments

“In 2004, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica had entered into the Central America–Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) with the United States. The US is also the major source of official development aid with annual average spending of $700 million between 2016 and 2017 focused on strengthening political, social and economic conditions in the region. Through the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI), the United States invested almost $500 million to combat criminal organizations and illegal trafficking in Central America,” Ravi Bangar, Former Ambassador of India to Colombia & Ecuador, tells Financial Express Online.

China-Taiwan-Central America

China’s presence in CA has been rising because the late nineties with a breakthrough in 2007 when Costa Rica turned the primary nation within the area to finish diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Currently, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. China is recognised by Costa Rica and Panama.

According to Ravi Bangar, “While the US in recent times signalled to step back from the region, China is quietly advancing extending its development assistance in terms of grants and soft credits and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to “America’s backyard”.The first Central American nation to signal a BRI settlement was Panama. With nearly 6% of the whole world maritime commerce passing via the nation, China’s foremost curiosity undoubtedly was the Panama Canal.”

Against the backdrop of the continued commerce tensions between China and the US and the COVID 19 pandemic, Central America may benefit from the continued decoupling course of. China won’t stop to take advantage of the US’s indifference and negligence to extend its affect.

India- Central America

The former envoy to the area says, “India having played a leading role in rushing medicines to fight COVID virus must now double its efforts to expand its footprints in those very regions where it extended a hand of friendship and emerged as a lifesaver. What India needs to have on its ‘must do list’ is to craft a smart comprehensive regional policy that invariably includes country-specific action plans to enhance relevance and mutual benefits. India should try to fast track MOU with Inter-American Development bank. This could bring considerable geopolitical as well as economic benefits. India, apart from its own financial and development partnership assistance, could also explore leveraging it to tap into the financial assistance extended by the UN and multilateral lending agencies. India with BRICS partners could play a significant role in the region’s development including with new structures like New Development Bank of BRICS which has an agreement with Inter-American Development Bank.”

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