SIES-FPJ: Continued dependence on agriculture will make farmers poorer until …

At COVID-19 instances, India is wanting in the direction of the agriculture sector for its financial revival. This sector will be capable to herald some reduction to the nation, however there’s a must help this sector for it to get again its misplaced sheen. According to consultants, who participated in a webinar titled ‘Animal Husbandry – Economics and Fallacies’, extreme dependency on agriculture leaving out its allied actions primarily animal husbandry will make Indian farmers impoverished.

The consultants — Juan F Moreno, CEO, Sexing Technologies (BAIF); Arun Raste, Executive Director, NDDB; and KV Shaji, Deputy Managing Director, NABARD — had been a part of the panel that was moderated by RN Bhaskar, consulting editor. The webinar was organised by SIES and Free Press Journal in affiliation with NCDEX Investor (Client) Protection Fund Trust, and East West Seed. The welcome tackle was made by Dr Vaneeta Raney, head BMM, SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce.

At the webinar, Raste mentioned, “Excessive dependency on agriculture leads to low income of people especially in a country like India, where people are dependent on agriculture.”

Adding to this, Shaji acknowledged, “Around 85 per cent of small and marginal farmers own only 47 per cent of farmland. If the farmer has to become self-sufficient, then farming alone cannot help. This is where the role of animal husbandry comes into play.”

Raste acknowledged that the share of agriculture in gross worth added (GVA) is 17.2 per cent now. “It was 18.5 per cent about ten years ago.” This means about 50 per cent of the inhabitants is contributing solely 17.2 per cent. He acknowledged, “That means that you are making people poorer if they continue to remain dependent on agriculture.”


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