Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey Talks About Blockchain and Bitcoin

On Friday (September 25), Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, spoke at this 12 months’s Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) defined the significance of blockchain expertise to micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Oslo Freedom Forum is “a series of global conferences run by the New York-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation (HRF) under the slogan ‘Challenging Power’.”

At this two-day digital occasion, Dorsey was interviewed by Thor Halvorssen, the President of HRF.

Half manner by means of the interview, Halvorssen requested Dorsey what Twitter was going to do to enhance the safety of its backend.

Dorsey mentioned:

“I essentially consider that safety is one thing that may by no means be perfected… it’s a constamt race/// it’s a continuing push to be 10 steps forward of your hackers…

“And I believe there are a couple of components which might be actually necessary inside that race.

“One is creating loads of agility internally in order that we are able to acknowledge flaws rapidly after which repair them and advance them.

“Two is getting outdoors suggestions and people who find themselves watching from totally different angles and researching from totally different angles to truly see what’s what’s taking place.

“And then, third, ensuring that we’re constructing the correct safe techniques inside our platform in order that we are able to have belief in an untrusted surroundings. And there’s loads of newer applied sciences that present for this.

“I imply, the the entire of the entire spirit of Bitcoin, for example, is to supply a trusted system in a distrusted surroundings, which is the web, and people applied sciences will present us new capabilities the place we are able to do that internally as properly and supply much more peace of thoughts… that that is one thing that even you probably have untrusted events coming into within the system as staff, as people who find themselves utilizing the service, that it’s nonetheless safe, it’s nonetheless protected…

And the extra of these applied sciences we construct in, the extra the applied sciences which might be linked to an identification and a safety system that you just as a person uniquely personal, the extra we are able to use biometrics to hook that up… the extra we’re giving the person the keys, the safer this entire system goes to be….

“And proper now we’re simply not in that state however we’re working in direction of it, and after I say ‘we’, it’s the entire business of the web, and also you see this most essentially within the work in Bitcoin and blockchain…

“What gives me a lot of hope and a lot of peace of mind to help these issues and to help toward these issues is because the keys and the control will actually be more and more in the hands of the individual rather than a corporation or rather than a government.”

Dorsey was additionally requested about an announcement he made in December 2019:

Here is what Dorsey mentioned on this topic:

“There’s in all probability a quantity you who keep in mind the older web… and what was fascinating is how decentralized the web was at the moment. And what was tough about that decentralization was really discovery–discovering content material, discovering individuals that may be like-minded–and that’s what Google represents. It’s centralizing the invention drawback.

It’s what Facebook represents—centralizing a discovery drawback. It’s what Twitter represents as properly— centralizing the invention drawback. And now we’re in a world that blockchain exists. That Bitcoin exists. That decentralized applied sciences exist… now, we are able to construct the invention drawback on a way more decentralized basis.

“And what I believe that does is usually loads of our worth previously was round content material internet hosting. So we might host the tweets, we’d host the pictures, we’d host the the movies. Blockchain and Bitcoin level to a future and level to a world the place content material exists without end, the place it’s everlasting, the place it doesn’t go away, the place it exists without end on each single node that’s related to it.

“And what which means is the job of content material internet hosting goes away. The job of discovery is crucial factor, and we’ve needed to actually take into account what which means for us as an organization. What which means is we’re not within the content material internet hosting enterprise anymore—we’re within the discovery enterprise, and we’re going to have a selected strategy on discovery, which is wholesome dialog.

“Healthy public dialog that seeks to assist individuals perceive what’s taking place on the planet, to have conversations about what’s taking place, and hopefully resolve issues collectively. And what which means finally is we have to turn into a shopper of one thing a lot larger than us. We must allow individuals to contribute to a public blockchain, and we’d like to have the ability to allow individuals to have the ability to pull and see from that public blockchain as properly.

“And if we’re in a position to do this, it’s one thing that’s actually highly effective and one thing that I believe speaks again to the facility and the unique intent of what the web may very well be, which is one thing that anybody on the planet can entry anybody on the planet, could make choices round when it comes to their engagement, when it comes to what they personal, when it comes to what they see, when it comes to what they share.

“And firms like us can construct a enterprise on prime of that contributes to that larger hope however pulls from it in a manner that’s compelling to individuals. And we wished to advance this. So we’re going to rent 5 engineers and and a few people to start out constructing Twitter as a protocol.

“And one of many issues we heard early on in Twitter’s historical past is that that is so primary and so easy [that] it seems like a protocol proper now. It doesn’t really feel like an organization. It feels extra like a motion and it feels extra like a expertise that I can use to construct no matter I need to construct on prime of.

“And that was such a magic time and such a magic understanding of what Twitter was. And we need to get again to that, and we need to assist the world get again to that as properly. So, proper now we’re within the within the part of discovering a frontrunner for it, however this can be a utterly separate nonprofit from the corporate.

“This group will be tasked with building a protocol that we can use but everyone else can use, and then we’ll really focus on becoming a client of it so that we can build a compelling service and business on top of a much larger corpus of conversation that anyone can access in anyone can contribute to.”


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