IonQ Unveils World’s Most Powerful Quantum Computer

IonQ Releases New 32 Qubit System with Record-Breaking Performance and Accuracy

IonQ, the chief in quantum computing, unveiled its subsequent technology quantum laptop system. The new {hardware} options 32 good qubits with low gate errors, giving it an anticipated quantum quantity better than 4,000,000.

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The new system consists of good atomic clock qubits and random entry all-to-all gate operations for environment friendly software program compilation of purposes. It shall be first obtainable by way of personal beta, after which commercially obtainable on Amazon Braket, the place IonQ’s 11 qubit system is usually obtainable for purchasers at the moment, and Microsoft’s Azure Quantum. Pre-existing IonQ prospects and companions, together with 1QBit, Cambridge Quantum Computing, QC Ware, Zapata Computing and extra are excited to expertise the advantages of the brand new system, enabling them to drive in direction of the primary wave of quantum purposes.

The firm’s trapped-ion quantum computer systems have a confirmed observe document of outperforming all different obtainable quantum {hardware}. With this new iteration, IonQ continues to guide the quantum computing area into the longer term. IonQ is already engaged on its subsequent two generations of quantum computer systems, with every new system anticipated to be each exponentially extra highly effective and smaller in dimension than the final.

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“In a single generation of hardware, we went from 11 to 32 qubits, and more importantly, improved the fidelity required to use all 32 qubits,” stated IonQ CEO & President Peter Chapman. “Depending on the applying, prospects will want someplace between 80 and 150 very excessive constancy qubits and logic gates to see quantum benefit. Our aim is to double or extra the variety of qubits annually. With two new generations of {hardware} already within the works, corporations not working with quantum now are prone to falling behind.

“The technology underpinning IonQ’s new system is based on decades of proven research and advancements, and our unique architecture provides essential computational efficiencies as the system scales up,” stated IonQ Co-Founder & CTO Jungsang Kim. “This cornerstone moment provides the foundation for IonQ to rapidly grow and continue to perfect our systems.”

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“Demonstrating the first successful quantum logic gate in 1995 was almost an accident, but doing so opened a path forward towards deploying quantum computers on previously unsolvable problems,” stated IonQ Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Chris Monroe. “The new system we’re deploying today is able to do things no other quantum computer has been able to achieve, and even more importantly, we know how to continue making these systems much more powerful moving forward.” One approach is to repair errors by way of circuit encoding, capitalizing on a current demonstration of quantum error correction in an almost equivalent system. Monroe says “with our new IonQ system, we expect to be able to encode multiple qubits to tolerate errors, the holy grail for scaling quantum computers in the long haul.” This encoding requires simply 13 qubits to make a near-perfect logical qubit, whereas in different {hardware} architectures it’s estimated to take greater than 100,000.

“We design quantum machine learning algorithms to drive performance on near-term hardware,” stated Iordanis Kerenidis, Head of Algorithms International, QC Ware. “We collaborated with IonQ in implementing QC Ware’s quantum classification algorithm on their system, and the excellent results attest to their unique approach and demonstrated performance.”

“IonQ and Zapata work together to create and implement quantum applications,” stated Christopher Savoie, CEO & Founder, Zapata Computing. “We are excited to unlock new potential across industry verticals—and make IonQ’s latest generation of devices available to users of our software platform, Orquestra.”

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“IonQ represents one of the most promising approaches to quantum computing that is both scalable and does not require any significant materials science or manufacturing breakthroughs,” stated Francis Ho, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Samsung Catalyst Fund. “The company’s unique combination of academic research and experience plus proven performance has led to their system demonstrating industry leading performance and helping break new ground in quantum computing.”

“We believe IonQ is the most promising and advanced technology for developing quantum computers at scale. This latest milestone represents decades of academic research and experience, proven performance, and superior technology,” stated Alaa Halawa, Head of US Ventures, Mubadala Capital. “This latest breakthrough is also particularly exciting for industrial companies in areas of material science and petrochemicals, enabling new applications that are crucial for enhancing competitiveness in the market.”

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“IonQ and Cambridge Quantum Computing are working together to create and implement applications for quantum computers, for the benefit of CQC’s customers, and are excited to see what new applications are possible with IonQ’s newest generation,” stated Denise Ruffner, Chief Business Officer, Cambridge Quantum Computing.

“IonQ’s approach to quantum represents the most promising pathway to achieving commercial success with quantum computers – and this breakthrough in performance and fidelity further validates that approach,” stated Hany Nada, Co-Founder & Partner, Acme Capital. “We are thrilled to continue working with the team to realize the full benefits of quantum.”

“IonQ and 1QBit are working together on applying quantum computers to solve previously intractable problems in a variety of industries and are excited to explore new possibilities resulting from the release of IonQ’s newest generation of devices,” stated Arman Zaribafiyan, Head of Quantum Simulation, 1QBit.

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