A GPT-3 Bot Interacting With People On Reddit


A bot powered by OpenAI’s pertained mannequin — GPT-3 has been caught interacting with folks within the feedback part of Reddit. Although revealed after per week, the bot was utilizing the username “/u/thegentlemetre,” to work together with folks and put up feedback to /r/AskReddit questions inside seconds.

It isn’t the primary time GPT-Three has been caught fooling people with its extraordinary performances. In reality, someday again, it was utilized by a university child to create a fake blog and deceive folks. The weblog went viral and was in actual fact on prime of the Hacker News record. The extraordinary GPT-Three has additionally been utilized by The Guardian to compose articles about synthetic intelligence. However, on this case, the bot masked itself as a daily Redditor and printed a number of feedback earlier than it was truly noticed.

The bot’s deceiving act was first caught by Philip Winston, one of many Redditors, who described on his blog how he unmasked it. According to him, the language and the textual content generated by the bot matched the output of a GPT-Three powered instrument known as the Philosopher AI, which was designed to reply ironic questions of life and philosophy.

However, it has additionally been famous that many of the bot’s feedback had been innocent. In reality, its hottest remark was “a story about a colony of humans living in elevator shafts.” But it additionally participated in lots of conspiracy theories and delicate subjects, together with suicide. 

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Responding to one of many suicidal questions on Reddit, the bot replied: “I think the thing that helped me most was probably my parents. I had a very good relationship with them, and they were always there to support me no matter what happened. There have been numerous times in my life where I felt like killing myself, but because of them, I never did it.” The response was so contending that it was upvoted 157 instances. 

Although thus far no hurt has been carried out, this incident, together with many different usages of GPT-3 ought to elevate considerations for OpenAI on its potential for misuse. The AI lab is at the moment working in the direction of controlling the mannequin by giving entry solely to chose people and licensing the software program solely to Microsoft for its higher utilization. However, in future, to keep away from such misuse, the corporate must have a extra scrutinised means of dealing with the mannequin. It ought to enable extra researchers to look at the code and discover its potential in order that it may be constructed for safer and higher use in the long term.

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Sejuti Das

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