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Brand World Summit: The art of storytelling- Man vs AI
Technology via automation and AI is among the most disruptive forces within the trendy world. Moderated by Pooja Jauhari, chief govt officer of The Glitch, the panel mentioned the dichotomy between man and Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the inventive workspace. Jauhari kickstarted the session with the immediate: Japanese companies are AI powered inventive administrators, can AI truly persistently produce inventive breakthroughs?

Deepali Naair, chief advertising officer, India and South Asia, IBM, opined that AI is augmenting people. AI has a significant position to play in such a fancy world, the place tens of millions of transactions occurring, it permits us to make sense of all these transactions.

“This is not AI versus man but AI and man,” stated Ravi Santhanam, chief advertising officer, HDFC Bank. He places forth a humanistic view stating that man can use information and AI to encourage creativity, however AI can not produce a narrative that every body will fall flat over.

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Narayan Sundararaman, head advertising, Bajaj Auto, said, “I don’t think the big idea is going to come from this entity. What is going to come out is adaptation and mirroring, to do things on scale.” On weighing in if AI can produce inventive breakthroughs like man, which connects with human beings, it is nonetheless science fiction for him.

“Currently AI is a co-creator. While the human storyteller creates the screenplay, the plot and dialogues, AI can predict and tell us how the audience will react. It is a supporter and not a creator as yet,” remarked Hitu Chawla, chief advertising officer, Microsoft India.

Srinivas Adapa, chief advertising officer, Burger King India, believes there’s a good probability that AI will produce artworks sooner or later.

(This is an govt abstract of the session, and the longer model will probably be uploaded within the coming days)

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