Victoria’s Daniel Andrews cherry-picks virus ‘science’

Andrews fails to prioritise the long-term penalties of lockdown on mental health, non-COVID-19 well being such because the sharp drop in diagnoses of cancer, coronary heart illness and stroke; rising domestic violence, household stress, substance abuse, lack of training, job losses, small enterprise failures and injury to authorities budgets that inevitably leaves a lot much less cash to direct to different vital causes.

Harvard’s Kulldorff is one in all many infectious illness consultants who’ve signed the Great Barrington Declaration, which warns that “excess” deaths will in the end be greater underneath lockdowns and as a substitute requires insurance policies that higher defend the weak.

“The media suggests there is scientific consensus in favour of lockdown, but that is not the case,” Kulldorff noted over the weekend.

“As a public health scientist it is stunning to see how focused people are on this one disease and on the short term.

“The collateral injury could be very tragic.”

He says the longer lockdowns drag on, counter-intuitively, the longer the elderly and sick will remain vulnerable because no immunity will build up among the young and healthy.

The poor and young are hurting most

Nabarro, a WHO coronavirus special envoy, says lockdowns are “making poor folks an terrible lot poorer”.

“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganise, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted – but by and large, we’d rather not do it,” he instructed Britain’s The Spectator.

“And so we really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method. Develop better systems for doing it.”

Andrews appears unwilling to again the state’s well being system. He seems scarred by Victoria’s substandard contact tracing and testing regime, which was uncovered by the resort quarantine errors.

NSW demonstrates the virus might be managed with a stringent system of contact tracing, testing and isolation of constructive circumstances.

Virus knowledge is evolving

Of Victoria’s 189 lively recognized circumstances (that are falling), simply 21 are in hospital and 0 are in intensive care models.

So a lot for suppressing the virus to allow the state’s ICU capability of a minimum of 695 beds to not be overwhelmed.

Nationally, the typical age of COVID-19-linked deaths is about 85 – above the age of life expectancy for folks born within the 1950s.

The overwhelming majority of the deceased have been folks in high-dependency aged care services and/or with critical comorbidities comparable to most cancers.

Ordinarily, the typical life expectancy in aged care is about two years.

For a comparatively wholesome individual residing exterior of aged care, the measurable probability of dying with COVID-19 in Australia is about 1 in 5000 detected circumstances. But in actuality it is much better than that as a result of there are various extra undetected and asymptomatic circumstances.

The “second wave” of the virus in Europe is much, much less deadly. The virus is spreading among the many younger and wholesome. The most weak have both already died or are being higher protected, and medical doctors are enhancing at treating the virus.

The United Kingdom recorded virtually 13,000 each day COVID-19 circumstances and a comparatively low 65 deaths. Remember, its inhabitants is about triple Australia’s.

The international an infection fatality charge (IFR) is now estimated at lower than 0.5 per cent, properly beneath the 2-Three per cent initially feared.

Stanford’s Ioannidis says the preliminary lockdowns around the globe in March have been right, as a result of so little was identified about COVID-19.

But the information at the moment are definitive that the virus is simply barely worse than the seasonal influenza for the overwhelming majority of individuals, he says.

Instead of lockdowns, Ioannidis urges extra excessive protections for the aged and folks with different critical ailments.

Andrews overlooks these fundamental scientific details and smashes the livelihoods of 5 million Melburnians.

A single-figure handicapper at golf, he is sort of a golfer desperately trying to find an elusive excellent spherical – unable to simply accept the occasional and inevitable bogey.

Alarmingly, anybody who challenges the federal government overreach is shouted down for ignoring his more and more self-selective and short-sighted “data” and “science”.

It’s harking back to America’s Vietnam War catastrophe – historian Max Hastings recounts that the US stored doubling down on its misguided technique as a result of president Lyndon Johnson blocked a “full and open debate” concerning the evolving details.


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