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This yr marks the 25th anniversary of Java. It’s uncommon for a programming language to outlive for therefore lengthy and stay so robust. Java is virtually in all places. It’s in massive enterprise applications, it powers the Mars rover. An estimated 15 billion gadgets run Java worldwide.

To talk about Java’s continued relevance, Times Techies Webinar final week hosted two of India’s three Java Champions, Mala Gupta and Rajmahendra Hegde. And one of many first questions that got here from our viewers was how one might grow to be a Java Champion. Hegde stated a Java Champion is a group recognition, not a certificates. They are chosen by the 300 Java Champions on the earth, and that choice relies upon totally on the extent of contribution you have got made to the Java ecosystem. “You have to contribute to open source. You should be an author of books. You could organise events. The work can be more than what you do in your company,” stated Hegde, who works for a number one financial institution in its software program engineer group, and who created and leads the Java User Groups in Chennai and Hyderabad.

There had been questions round the way forward for Java, given the recognition of languages like Python, Kotlin and Rust. Gupta stated languages have to be seen as a way to an finish, and it’s best to choose a language relying in your vacation spot. Python, she stated, could also be a greater language for AI/ML, and R and Rust for particular functions. But Java is extensively utilized in enterprises. “Java should be one of the languages you learn, because sooner or later, you will be working with it,” she stated.

Hegde stated Java needs to be seen not as a language however as a platform, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Many programming languages, together with Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, JRuby, all use JVM as a way to make the application run on different techniques. “Many startups may be using other languages. But if you want to work in an enterprise, the Java platform is inevitable,” Hegde stated.

Asked concerning the capability to put in writing code sooner and in a extra compact means with a language like Python, Gupta stated she has an issue with writing much less code. You might write much less code and find yourself failing later, she stated. “Java takes care of all errors during the compilation time. That saves time. When a Python programmer tells me how many less lines he takes to write `Hello world,’ I say I’m not looking to write a `Hello world,’ I’m writing enterprise applications,” she stated.

Java, Gupta famous, can be altering with the instances. New variations are being launched each six months. “And Java is moving with newer areas like cloud-native applications, serverless applications and moving applications to Docker and Kubernetes,” she stated.


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