Future struggle with China shall be tech-intensive

The excessive financial progress achieved by China in recent times has been accompanied by a concomitant rise in its aggressiveness with fast modernisation of its army by means of acquisition of latest and rising applied sciences (NET), equivalent to synthetic intelligence (AI), 5G, quantum computing, new supplies and power platforms.

The Chinese management believes that its solely rival, the United States, is in terminal decline and with China having managed the Covid-19 pandemic and revived its excessive progress trajectory, nothing thwarts it to grasp its grand ambition of regaining traditionally ‘claimed’ territories in Ladakh, Taiwan, Senkaku and the South China Sea and establishing its hegemony in Asia and later on the planet.

Having learnt from the US that its international dominance can solely be achieved by a robust army with preeminence in NET, Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his report back to the 19th Party Congress in October 2017, “urged the PLA to accelerate the development of military intelligentisation” as a guideline for army modernisation. Intelligentisation is a complicated stage of informationisation. The latter entails digitalisation, networkisation and intelligentisation.

It signifies that numerous army platforms in a battlefield are inter-linked by an data expertise community as a substitute of getting used on a standalone foundation.


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