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Out of 1,600 groups, Just U It wins $3,000 in annual enterprise competitors with Abode and Nike

Just U It Team earlier than presenting to the judges for the Adobe Challenge (from left to proper: Jhana Aristondo, Miranda Dennett, and Izzy Beh)


The University of Utah was one in every of six finalists within the world Adobe Analytics Challenge and was introduced because the fourth-place winner within the stay announcement on Nov. 17, 2020. The 15-year-old annual competitors has been beforehand restricted to North America however this yr the problem was opened to groups internationally, with 1,600 entries being narrowed down to 6 finalists.

Competitors had two weeks to research real-time digital knowledge from Nike, reply enterprise questions and give you findings and proposals for Nike primarily based on their evaluation.

The U’s group, Just U It, was made up of three members that the Eccles School of Business MBA Program put college students collectively primarily based on their abilities — Miranda Dennett labored with MGM resorts worldwide Las Vegas, Izzy Beh labored with a knowledge analytics and product administration background and Jhana Aristondo specialised in finance expertise.

“The people who direct our MBA program and work closely with the students, they refer to this group, and some of the groups in the past that they put together as the dream team… they’re finding people that they think are really highly skilled in different areas that can work together and complement each other,” stated Professor of Operations and Information Systems Don Wardell.

U wins Fourth Place. (Photo courtesy of Adobe Analytics Challenge)

In order to make it to the finals, Just U It needed to make it by means of three rounds of shows the place Adobe executives and different business officers judged their tasks.

“I think a lot of what this case competition is is storytelling, and we wanted to make sure that we were able to tell a story using data that resonated with Nike and with Adobe… something that helped all of us is that we really tried to look at it through a user perspective,” Dennett stated.

The U made it to the finals and received the competitors in 2011, 2016 and 2018. Adobe Senior Evangelist of Analytics & Data Science Eric Matisoff referred to as the U an “analytics challenge juggernaut.”

“I think we tackled a problem that we saw that was very apparent… and looked for every evidence that we could to support our recommendation overall… making it simple and creating a very overall transparent, very clear to follow story was what made us stand out along with bringing out the sports essence on it [the presentation],” Aristondo stated.

Adobe Senior Evangelist Eric Matisoff (left) and Adobe Senior Tech Marketing Executive Jeff Allen (proper) announce the winners of the 2020 Adobe Analytics Challenge. (Photo courtesy of Adobe Analytics Challenge)

According to the judges within the stay spotlight reel of the deliberations, what made Just U It stand out was their group’s advice that might enhance Nike revenues by tens of millions of {dollars} whereas additionally growing membership.

“We did a good job of clarifying what metrics were important and we felt like we did a good job of telling the story of using those metrics and also giving a monetary potential if they [Nike] were to implement. That was why we were successful,” Beh stated.

The group had entry to direct shopper platforms for Nike resembling data and traits about prospects buying on-line or in shops, which they used to create their proposal.

“So it is important to do the data analysis, but you’re not doing data analysis in a vacuum. So the most important thing to do is to do your very best to answer the business question that the client has,” Wardell stated.


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