Python Is TIOBE Language of the Year Again


The second we have been anticipating for months has arrived. TIOBE has introduced its Language of the Year for 2020 and, as predicted, it’s Python. This is a historic first as Python is the one language to have gained this accolade 4 occasions.

What does it take to develop into TIOBE’s language of the 12 months? It may be very easy, the title is awarded to the programming language that has gained most recognition within the 12 months in query. Python elevated its share of scores by 2.01% in 2020, whereas C++ the very shut runner up noticed a rise of 1.99%. Next in line, up 1.66% was C, the language that was named language of 2019, in addition to of 2017.

After changing into Language of the Year in 2018, Python was extensively anticipated to retain the title for a second 12 months. However, its exhibiting for 2019-2020 was a rise of just one.4% in comparison with C’s 2.4%, a consequence we discovered stunning, see Shock Horror – C Is The TIOBE Language Of The Year!

As repeatedly acknowledged, being TIOBE Language of the Year would not suggest “best” language and even hottest. It additionally does not imply being prime of the TIOBE index – although C and Language of 2019 managed to be the highest ranked language for many of its reign, attaining that place in May 2020 and exhibiting no signal of relinquishing it any time quickly.

Python did briefly overtake Java to carry #2, the next-to-top place, within the TIOBE index for a single month – November 2020, however this was extra as a consequence of Java’s slide than Python’s climb. However, most individuals would concur that Python is the at present language with essentially the most steady future. As I wrote, when Python grew to become Language of the Year, 2018:

There are some good causes that Python is such a giant hit. Perhaps the principle one is the way in which the language manages to be simple to make use of for the entire newbie whereas nonetheless having numerous deep semantic and syntactic richness. Python is used as a primary language and it’s the de facto language for all method of AI. In plain phrases Python fits numerous various kinds of consumer. It is not good however it’s versatile.

According to Tiobe Software CEO, Paul Jansen, Python is more and more a preferred language in many various areas: 

Python is popping up in every single place. It began as a competitor of Perl to write down scripts for system directors a very long time in the past. Nowadays it’s the favourite language in fields reminiscent of information science and machine studying, however it is usually used for internet growth and back-end programming and rising into the cell software area and even in (bigger) embedded programs. The fundamental causes for this huge adoption are the benefit of studying the language and its excessive productiveness. These two qualities are key in a world that’s yearning for extra builders in all types of fields.

Addressing the query of when will Python develop into prime language within the TIOBE Index, one thing he had predicted would occur in three to Four years again in June 2019, see Python Set To Be Top Language, Jansen now writes:

Well, C has nonetheless one trump card to play: its efficiency, and this may stay the case for a while to come back. So I suppose it can actually take some years for Python to develop into the brand new number one within the TIOBE index.


  •  Mike James is the writer of Programmer’s Python: Everything is an Object revealed by I/O Press as a part of the  I Programmer Library. With the subtitle “Something Completely Different” that is for many who wish to perceive the deeper logic within the method that Python three takes to courses and objects. His newest e-book, Raspberry Pi IoT In Python Using GPIO Zero is  a colloboration with I Programmer’s C guru, Harry Fairhead the place they have a look at Python’s efficiency within the realm of IoT.

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