Aatmanirbhar marketing campaign should not be taken as transfer in direction of isolating India: Munjal

“India’s Aatmanirbhar campaign must not by any stretch of imagination be taken as a move towards isolating itself,” mentioned Hero Enterprise chairman Sunil Kant Munjal mentioned on Saturday. He was addressing on the 25th Wharton India Economic Forum.

Mentioning there are two points that have to be saved in thoughts concerning Aatmanirbhar marketing campaign and world competitivenes, he said, “One is for India to become better at what it does is absolutely essential but Aatmanirbhar must not by any stretch of imagination be taken as India’s move towards isolating itself. That’s a very important point that we must all remember.”

“India wants to be a part of a global value chain. India and Indian industry, and Indian business wants to stand up and be counted,” he added.

“We have to remember that for India to be a part of the global value chain we have to improve our standards, we have to improve our skill levels and we have to improve both consistency and service levels to consumers and customers,” he additional talked about.

Citing the instance of how Japanese items had been as soon as derided for low high quality, he mentioned, “Then Japan in the 70s became the greatest manufacturing machine in the world.” Same factor occurred to Taiwan, South Korea and China after that, he added.

Munjal mentioned in the present day India has the “the amazing capability of the underlying technological platforms having got strengthened in the last few years, which allow robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence to come in, along side what we were doing to enhance the capabilities”.

He, nonetheless, added India should make sure that the brand new applied sciences are solely used as instruments and never get pushed by it because the nation additionally has the necessity to make sure that “million and million” its residents are productively employed.

“…it should be done for the right reason. So it is both sides actually operating… For India it is also an essential requirement and it can serve a great need in the world as well,” Munjal added.

Reiterating the importance of exports, Munjal mentioned, “In some sense is also a part of the Aatmanirbhar movement that if India has to become a key player then India has to become a significant exporter.”

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