‘OK Computer’ creators ‘sought a science fiction piece coming from India’

OK Computer
Image Source : DISNEY+ HOTSTAR

‘OK Computer’ creators ‘sought a science fiction piece coming from India’

Creators Neil Pagedar and Pooja Shetty of the brand new sci-fi comedy sequence “OK Computer” really feel it’s time for us to grow to be conscious of how synthetic intelligence is affecting life and way of life round us. The six-episode sequence that focuses on the battle between ideologies, is being directed by Anand Gandhi, together with Pooja and Neil. It was launched on March 26 on Disney+ Hotstar. ‘OK Computer’ options Radhika Apte, Jackie Shroff, and Vijay Varma in pivotal position. 


“If science and technology is moving so fast, how quickly should civilisation, laws, lifestyle and structure change and be aware of these things? This was what we wanted to do with the show. The central premise of the show is that if AI kills a human being, who is to blame? Our life is surrounded by Artificial Intelligence. What will you do if your phone kills someone? These are very important and pertinent questions,” stated Shetty.

Can know-how overpower human beings in future? “The question isn’t really how or when technology will overpower humankind, the questions is what humankind intends to do with that technology. In the hands of an oppressor, even the most positive technology can turn into a weapon. We need to ask ourselves very urgent and important questions about our own morality, our ideas of equity and equality and how technology would be distributed through humankind,” Pagedar replied.

The internet sequence starring Vijay and Radhika options Jackie Shroff in a key position. Sharing her expertise of directing Shroff, Shetty stated: “Jackie has been truly a delight. He brought in so many nuances, ideas and quirks. Usually, directors have to take care of actors, but it turned out to be completely the opposite and he took care of us! He reassured us a lot, performed so well and he just got the vein of the character we wanted. Even when he was improvising, it was right in that character’s space and this is true for all the actors.”

The duo feels their present is supposed to cater to all. “As a creator, I would say that it’s for everyone. It’s equally for an older generation as much as it is for younger people. When I was 12 or 13 and in school, I really sought a science fiction piece coming from India. So, certainly there is a great aspiration for youngsters, but it is made for everybody. The conversations coming out of the show are for us all,” stated Pagedar.

“OK Computer” is written and produced by Anand Gandhi, who shot to fame directing the much-feted movie “Ship Of Theseus”.


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