ANIL UZUN Talks About Blockchain After COVID-19

ANIL UZUN sharing his ideas on the impact of COVID-19 on the blockchain business and cryptocurrencies.


ANIL UZUN is an investor from London that has curiosity in rising providers in lots of fields. Blockchain is one in all them. He shared his opinion on the world with COVID-19  and the results of pandemic on the industries. 


“With the pandemic our consumption habits have changed and the impact of new habits on the global economy is enormous. Economic experts suggest that COVID19 hit the economy in a way that the world wars hit. The governments are trying to adjust the new normal and blockchain markets raised interest. Blockchain is expected to be the fresh breath to the economy after the pandemic.” ANIL UZUN says. 


What is Blockchain? – It is a community of pc methods that information data in essentially the most safe manner – stopping dishonest or hacking within the system. Blockchain is vital as a result of it permits cryptocurrencies to function with out the necessity for a government. 


“Blockchain technology is promising to be the future for money transfers, document exchanges, smart contracts, digital identity, credit and insurance services, creation of alternative credit platforms, document/certificate verification, fast and secure payment systems for startups, and even for election and voting processes. The system is ready for the governments and companies to transfer themselves onto. But how quickly the world will adapt to blockchain is the question.” says ANIL UZUN.


“My biggest prediction for Blockchain will be that it will decentralize the infrastructure after people become more aware of the power centralized platforms and service providers hold. People will prefer decentralized services offered by Blockchain Technologies. So, there will be a continued interest in blockchain from regulators and policymakers which will lead to a huge rise in the value of coins especially in Bitcoin.” he provides. 


Who is ANIL UZUN? 


ANIL UZUN is a visionary entrepreneur and investor based mostly in London. He has been appointed as the brand new Republic of Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to the United Kingdom. He has an evangelical enthusiasm to help ventures and his corporations spend money on rising applied sciences in buying and selling, funds, and plenty of different internet-based providers. His door is all the time open to individuals who have integrity, openness, and a collaborative mindset.


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