[YS Learn] How video translation startup Vitra.ai attracted buyers, beginning with 100X.VC

Lots of people have requested me this query — “What does ‘Vitra’ mean? Does it have roots or linked to a Sanskrit word?”

I so want that was the case. I’ve searched it in Sanskrit vocabulary, however Vitra does not imply something. Vitra.ai merely stands for video translation utilizing synthetic intelligence (AI).

We needed to provide you with a reputation in two hours as we needed to demo our MVP to KRS Jamwal again in October/November 2020, and that is the most effective we might do.

Akash Nidhi PS and I’ve recognized one another for over 12 years. We are bench-mates since our pre-university days, and we have now constructed lots of purposes and merchandise prior to now and have loved it.

The inception

The thought of translating movies was ideated in 2017. It was for the Google News Innovation problem (GNI). But our software was rejected. So, we simply paused the thought and moved on.

In late 2019, Akash and I bought collectively to brainstorm an inventory of concepts. We had 12 concepts that we had to select from. We brainstormed at WeWork for per week on numerous elements like — market, wow issue, usefulness, need-gap, and so forth.

The thought of video translation made it to the highest of our concepts checklist in each single approach.

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Problem assertion

My thought course of was — everybody creates high-quality content material, however getting the attain is the most important drawback. Whether you might be an enterprise, startup, or a YouTube or Instagram influencer, everybody has the identical drawback — “I am not able to reach my right audience.”

I labored for a corporation that spent a couple of crores in promoting in Europe utilizing English advertisements. However, the corporate was dissatisfied as its ROI was poor. When I seemed carefully, the one drawback was language.

Europe is a various continent with quite a lot of languages. It would’ve been supreme to focus on them in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and so forth. But, the issue was — “How do we find people to translate it to so many languages?”


It was a no brainer. The video market is unstoppable immediately. No chain, no lock can maintain the world from creating content material. So, we constructed Vitra.ai to lastly assist content material creators and enterprises attain their audience with only one click on.

Mentorship and scaling of Vitra.ai

We had been part of the Y Combinator Startup School and had been mentored by YC mentors throughout our early stage. Then, we had been part of V@C, the place we had been mentored by Vibhuti, Prashant, Shruti, and Nisar. That’s when our product had began shaping up. Their preliminary steering helped us to take our first step to fundraise.

We began our journey of fundraising and began speaking to angels and micro-VCs. Everyone was considering our product. They had been very enthusiastic about the way in which we had been fixing it and appreciated our workforce. The product had traction available in the market, nevertheless it was very new.

The likelihood to speak to 100X.VC

We had been elevating cash for the final six months, and we bought lots of curiosity from buyers, angel networks, and so forth.

Then, we bought an opportunity to satisfy 100X.VC. They liked our workforce, product, worth proposition, imaginative and prescient, and so forth., and stated, “Let’s finish the whole process by this week.”

From my minimal information and my community of startups, I’ve all the time recognized that it takes at the least 30-90 days to shut a funding spherical within the best-to-average case state of affairs.

I used to be shocked that it will take lower than per week to shut the spherical. I bear in mind calling Yagnesh and Shashank a number of instances, attempting to verify what I heard was proper or if I used to be lacking one thing.

In lower than one week, with simply a few calls, we had the cash within the financial institution, and 100X.VC workforce stated, “Let’s get started.”

As 100X.VC rightly says — the method is really funding simplified.

After signing the time period sheet with 100X, there hasn’t been a single second of remorse. It’s the most effective place to get began for an entrepreneur. Especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur, it’s endorsed you get began at 100X.VC.

The quantity of high quality mentoring that founders endure at 100X.VC — within the strategy of 30 days — is phenomenal. Every masterclass is a gem of its personal, the place business leaders share from their over 20 years of expertise in a single to 2 hours.

As a founder, your job is to look at tons of of journeys of specialists and work out what works greatest on your startup. The masterclass is likely one of the greatest components of being part of 100X.VC.

In a real-world state of affairs, there may be pretty much less likelihood that you’re going to get to speak to tons of of leaders whose focus is to mentor you within the masterclass.

Special moments from masterclasses

In his opening be aware, Ninad Karpe whereas sharing a video demo of F1, stated, “If it takes just two seconds or less to change F1 car tires, what is taking you so long to make a decision?”

Sanjay Mehta’s session on how one can construct a startup, tales of his portfolio, and so forth., was simply superb. Few issues that I’ve taken be aware of from Sanjay’s knowledge classes are — “Hunger to win is the key to success. Be humble, be grateful, and be thankful.”

There is more. Sajith Pai’s highly valuable thoughts and framework on how to pitch effectively, KRS Jamwal’s in-depth discussions with every startup, Japan Vyas’s suggestion to raise fund when it’s available and not when you need it, and Vishesh Rajaram’s thoughts — “Hire the most effective workforce. The greatest workforce is likely one of the key elements for achievement.”

We also had very insightful information from Amit Somani on his journey from being a software engineer to a managing partner at Prime Ventures. Also, Ravi Takur’s thoughts on why a VC will invest in your company, and many more, helped us prepare ourselves for venture capital funding.

Special thanks to Pratik Poddar and follow-up call with Jishnu Bhattacharjee.

Very interesting thoughts by Vikram Chachra on “How India has a ‘hero’ culture, and you have to be that hero to win in India,” changed the way I thought of marketing the product. “You have to lead your company to success by being that hero,” he said.

Vishal Krishna’s thoughts on why PR is important, and how to approach media were very useful. That was a dimension I hadn’t thought of earlier.

“If you begin discounting, then that turns into a behavior,” Mitesh Shah said. As startups, we discount for the first few companies with a thought-process of converting them as customers. This was a thought-provoking suggestion.

Ambi Parameswaran’s suggestions on how to position yourself as a startup was very helpful. Our Q&A with Jatin Desai helped us understand more about the tech fund. Uday Sodhi’s journey at SonyLiv, and his views on how media is growing today digitally, gave us a lot of insights.

Suresh Sambandam once told me, “Satvik, simply elevate $50 million and all you want is advertising and marketing. Don’t do a sales-approach. Go for full-on advertising and marketing.”

Thank you a lot for appreciating our product and boosting our confidence. We are going for the market-first method.

I’ve absolutely missed out on so many precious factors from different masterclass mentors. That’s as a result of I need to preserve this as an article, not a guide.

It’s not about concepts, it is about making concepts occur

I thank the 100X.VC workforce — Sanjay, Yagnesh, Vatsal, Ninad, and Shashank — for every thing that you’ve got given us, and for shaping our thought right into a well-prepped startup.

Sanjay’s solutions for progress, community, and so forth., Yagnesh’s steady mentoring on the finance and investing aspect, Vatsal’s effort on masterclasses and pitch, Ninad’s phrases of knowledge that stuns all of us, and Shashank’s ideas on what a startup needs to be — that one month has been transformational.

I really feel I’m a special individual altogether. It’s like studying the highest 500 books in each area to amass information and knowledge, however the most effective half is, you get all of it in simply 30 days at 100X.VC.

Pitch day was merely superb. It was so insightful speaking to tons of of buyers after that. Pitch day is definitely one of the necessary components of 100X.VC’s journey. Thousands of buyers from around the globe attend it, and what’s higher than that?

This is how we invited all buyers from throughout India for 100X.VC’s pitch day:

To upcoming Class four batch

Yes! it’s powerful to make it to 100X.VC or some other related fund. But, by no means cease making use of. It takes effort and time. Is it value it? Yes, it’s!

Just get began. This alternative simply knocks as soon as, and you need to seize it. You’ll solely realise its worth as soon as you might be part of it.

If you need to be taught, develop, and scale, 100X.VC is the way in which out for you.

Excited about Vitra.ai?

Don’t maintain your self again. Whether you’re a firm or an influencer, attain and progress are the issues, one of many predominant causes is you might be concentrating on your viewers within the unsuitable language.

Whether you might be an edtech, media, social media influencer, advertising and marketing advertisements, and so forth., it is time to develop your viewers.

What’s stopping you from rising globally?

Reach eight-billion folks with simply one-click utilizing Vitra.ai

Grow your viewers attain by 10X with simply one-click utilizing Vitra.ai

Video translation to 50+ languages

Audio and podcast translation to 50+ languages

Speech to textual content (with translation) to 50+ languages

Text to speech (with translation) to 50+ languages

and extra.

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