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Everyone appears to be captivated by drones and the Indian Army’s demonstration of ‘swarming’ by drones on Army Day appears to have caught individuals’s fancy. Before anything, we want primary readability on what a drone is. Autonomous flying platforms in a single type or one other have been round ever since aviation got here into being however didn’t have the required smartness related to such platforms of at present. A drone, in technological phrases, is an unmanned plane.

It will be described as a flying robotic that may be remotely managed or fly autonomously by way of distant managed flight plans and software program embedded in its programs, working at the side of onboard sensors and GPS. At a decrease degree of consciousness, what must be understood is that drones, similar to plane, will be of two varieties—fastened wing and rotary wing. Both began with extraordinarily low payload functionality, which has now elevated considerably based mostly upon the kind of avionics. For standard operations and hybrid struggle, each forms of drones will be armed with precision weapons that may be launched and guided to their targets, or labored with the help of synthetic intelligence. Copter-type drones can be employed as robotic munitions carriers in ‘suicidal’ mode in opposition to discipline fortifications, hardened autos or logistics dumps.

The current Azerbaijan-Armenia struggle over the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh additionally appears to be the reason for the present curiosity. The deciding issue that ensured Azerbaijan’s victory was the in depth army employment of drones in what has been a type of uncommon standard wars within the final 15 years or extra. Drones have been typically spoken of and their position in Afghanistan is well-known over the past 20 years however that could be a totally different context altogether.

The struggle in Afghanistan remained a beneath threshold battle after the preliminary entry operations. Drones there have been extra within the mode of surveillance and precision kills of terrorist leaders or destruction of hideouts based mostly upon correct info. The killing of Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor (substitute of Mullah Omar) in May 2016 close to the Pakistan-Iran border was ascribed to a drone assault as are many different such lower-profile killings. Interestingly the management of drone operations is completed remotely from so far as Tampa, Florida, within the US by way of satellite-based communications.

In relation to traditional operations, why have drones instantly acquired such a fame? This wants a return to some earthy army fundamentals. Just keep in mind the potential for a precision hit on the high of a bunker or a tank is all the time far much less in relation to artillery that fires parabolic. A success by direct fireplace or by flat trajectory is what most safety caters to and that’s frontal or broadside. Hence the tank is designed with thick armour plating in entrance, lesser safety on the sides and the least on the high. Bunkers equally have robust frontal safety in opposition to direct flat trajectory fireplace and packed earth (or concretised) on high to cater for the potential for a direct hit by a shell. Now with the drone, a high assault is all the time potential with precision course and accuracy.

The tank and all its variants are instantly susceptible much more than what they have been to fast-moving fight plane or the assault helicopter. In the latter circumstances, the plane have been manned and thus susceptible, creating some aggressive equity within the battle between the aerial and the ground-based platforms. The coming of the armed drone modified a lot of that steadiness. You now have an autonomous, unmanned aerial car loaded with synthetic intelligence functionality to discern its targets; its vulnerability is as compared acceptable due to being unmanned. There are alternative ways by which such vulnerability will be neutralised and one among them is ‘swarming’. Its army definition reads as: a battlefield tactic designed to maximise goal saturation, and thereby overwhelm or saturate the defences of the principal goal or goal. Simply put it’s a excessive ratio of aerial machines compared to the targets beneath, tanks, artillery weapons or fortifications, to allow a smother impact on the tactical degree. It has an amazing impact on the defender that’s being attacked from totally different instructions, and the air defence programs could also be inadequate to deal with the quantum of drones within the swarm.

With the surge in Indo-US relations and the signing of the Communication Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) in 2018, the sector for acquisition and induction of armed drones into the Indian Armed Forces has opened up. 30 x Predator Sky/SeaGuardians geared up with encrypted programs are being sought at a value of $three billion. They can fly for as much as 48 hours with a payload of 1,700 kg. This deal would bolster India’s army capabilities because the drones it at the moment possesses can solely be used for surveillance and reconnaissance. Armed drones for strike within the continental context will be employed each within the offensive and defensive mode and act as drive multipliers. They are notably helpful as platforms to be launched if shocked on a selected method or a sector, earlier than forces can construct up. Copter drones for logistics resupply will emerge in giant numbers in India with many corporations making an attempt the related applied sciences. Contingent upon payload functionality, a lot of a drive’s logistics will be equipped by way of this implies permitting for larger vary of operational longevity, particularly within the mountains. It will cut back troop fatigue and loosen up the burden of logistics planning.

In the sector of hybrid warfare, armed drones will present the Indian Army one functionality that has been underneath a lot focus trans-LoC strikes, with out sizzling pursuit. The creating applied sciences will in the end present a number of choices to strike at terrorist leaderships, and coaching and holding camps. With functionality to pinpoint areas resulting from communication intercepts, the flexibility to quickly launch armed drones geared up with needed synthetic intelligence and armaments or munitions will rework the response mechanism. Even jungle hideouts within the J&Ok mountains or these within the Red Corridor will be engaged. All such responses might be with out the inherent danger of a pilot being captured with the hooked up drama as was the case with the seize of Wing Commander Abhinandan.

Drone warfare is simply in its nascent levels however the surge goes to occur with quickly creating applied sciences. It is crucial that war-fighting doctrines are adequately formed to soak up this new functionality in order that the Indian Armed Forces are absolutely able to progressively exploiting them and changing them into war-winning means.

Lt Gen syed ata hasnain (retd)


Former Commander, Srinagar-based 15 Corps.Now Chancellor, Central University of Kashmir


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