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The workforce right here at insideBIGDATA is deeply entrenched in following the large knowledge ecosystem of corporations from across the globe. We’re in shut contact with many of the corporations making waves within the know-how areas of massive knowledge, knowledge science, machine studying, AI and deep studying. Our in-box is crammed every day with new bulletins, commentaries, and insights about what’s driving the success of our business so we’re in a singular place to publish our quarterly IMPACT 50 List of a very powerful movers and shakers in our business. These corporations have confirmed their relevance by the way in which they’re impacting the enterprise by means of forefront services. We’re pleased to publish this evolving checklist of the business’s most impactful corporations!

The chosen corporations come from our huge knowledge set of distributors and business metrics. Yes, we use machine studying to research the business in an in depth method to find out a rating for this checklist. We’re utilizing a customized RankBoost algorithm tailored particularly for the large knowledge neighborhood together with a plethora of proprietary knowledge sources. The rankings embrace an indicator for upward motion within the checklist and in addition for corporations newly added.

If you’re a part of an organization that you just really feel is “impactful” in some vital approach please contact us instantly to be added to our database with a view to be thought-about for this checklist. Companies on the checklist exhibit know-how management, energy of providing, confirmed innovation, positivity of message, high quality notion within the enterprise, depth and frequency of social media buzz, excessive profile of members of the C-suite, and within the case of public corporations: constructive monetary indicators and inventory value, and a lot extra!

IMPACT 50 LIST for Q2 2021 (so as of probably the most impactful)

#1 Google AI [NASDAQ: GOOGL]

#2 NVIDIA – Inventor of the GPU for AI workloads [NASD: NVDA]

#3 Amazon Web Services – Cloud primarily based machine studying, database, container, and storage [+3]

#4 Intel AI – Harnessing silicon designed particularly for AI [NASDAQ: INTC]

#5 Microsoft AI [NASDAQ: MSFT] [+2]

#6 Dell EMC [NYSE: DELL] [ +3]

#7 – Open Source Data Science and Machine Learning Platform

#8 Snowflake – Cloud Enterprise Data Warehouse

#9 DataRobot – Automated Machine Learning

#10 HPE [NYSE: HPE] [+1]

#11 Domino Data Lab – Data Science Platform

#12 Teradata [NYSE: TDC] [+1]

#13 TigerGraph – Graph database and analytics platform

#14 Qlik – Data Analytics and Data Integration [+1]

#15 Databricks – Unified analytics platform [+1]

#16 Kinetica – GPU Database [+1]

#17 SAS – Analytics, BI, and knowledge administration

#18 DataDirect Networks – AI and Deep Learning Storage

#19 Anaconda – Python Data Science Platform

#20 OmniSci– Massively accelerated analytics and knowledge science

#21 Pure Storage [NYSE: PSTG] [+1]

#22 Neo4j – Graph database [+1]

#23 Salesforce Einstein AI – Smart CRM assistant [+1]

#24 Cloudera– Enterprise scale analytics platform [NYSE: CLDR] [+1]

#25 TIBCO – Integration, analytics and event-processing software program [+4]

#26 Dremio – Data-as-a-Service platform

#27 StreamSets – Where DevOps meets knowledge integration

#28 Guavus – Real-time huge knowledge analytics [+2]

#29 – AutoML

#30 MongoDB – Cross-platform document-oriented NoSQL database [NASDAQ: MDB] [+4]

#31 SQream – SQL GPU knowledge warehouse [+2]

#32 – Operating system for ML and AI

#33 Fiddler Labs – Explainable AI

#34 Kaskada – End-to-end platform for characteristic engineering and have serving [+1]

#35 Rulex – Explainable AI platform [+1]

#36 Cazena – Instant AWS knowledge lake [+6]

#37 Diveplane – AI explainable, auditable, editable [+1]

#38 Neural Magic – No {hardware} AI, GPU speeds with out GPUs

#39 Striim – Real-time knowledge integration [+1]

#40 – Explainable AI for knowledge scientists [+1]

#41 Kyndi – Explainable AI platform

#42 Couchbase – NoSQL cloud database service NEW

#43 Verta – AL and ML deployment & operations for knowledge science groups [+3]

#44 Coursera – Massive open on-line course (MOOC) supplier NEW

#45 Lightmatter – Photonic computing

#46 causaLens – A machine that predicts the worldwide economic system in real-time

#47 Run:AI – Platform for AI virtualization and orchestration [+2]

#48 Trifacta – Data wrangling instruments [+3]

#49 Tecton – Data platform for machine studying [+1]

#50 WANdisco – Distributed computing specialists NEW

HONORABLE MENTION (in alphabetical order):

Actable AI – No-code knowledge analytics with deep studying

Ahana – Ahana cloud for Presto NEW

Alegion – Data labeling platform

Allegro AI – DL/ML open supply platform

Alluxio – Open supply knowledge orchestration for the cloud

AnotherBrain – Pioneers of natural AI

Arize AI – Real-time observability for AI [+6]

AtScale – Cloud OLAP for enterprise analytics

Beyond Limits – Explainable AI

Brytlyt – GPU accelerated analytics platform

Chatterbox Labs – AI mannequin insights for reliable & truthful AI

Comet– Self-hosted and cloud-based meta machine studying platform

Confluent – Stream processing with Apache Kafka

Cubonacci – Machine studying lifecycle administration

DataKitchen – Enterprise DataOps platform NEW

DarwinAI – “AI Building AI” know-how

Deci – Deep studying platform

DeepCube – Deep studying deployment on any gadget

Deepgram – Speech recognition – AI options for enterprise

Determined AI – Deep Learning coaching platform

Digitate – AIOps

Exasol– In-memory analytic database

Faktion – Operationalize AI

Gigaspaces – In-memory computing platform

GridGain – In-memory computing platform

Hailo – Specialized deep studying processor for edge units

Iguazio– Data science platform

InAccel – Application acceleration FPGA orchestrator

Intuition Machines – Deep studying and visible area machine studying at scale

Lenses – DataOps platform for Apache Kafka and Kubernetes

Logical Clocks AB – Hopsworks, an enterprise platform for AI

Loop AI Labs – Cognitive computing

Megagon Labs – Experimental analytics and knowledge administration

Mipsology – FPGA machine studying NEW

ModelOp – Scale and govern enterprise AI

Molecula – Feature retailer NEW

Monte Carlo – Data reliability

Natural Intelligence – AI toolkit NEW

NetApp – Accelerated AI knowledge pipelines

NtechLab – Augmenting intelligence

Obviously AI – Data science with out code

OctoML – Deploy machine studying fashions

OpenAI – Ensures AGI advantages all of humanity

Ople – Predictive analytics for enterprise customers

Peltarion – Deep studying cloud platform

Perceive – Ergo edge inference processor NEW

Pinecone – Vector database for ML functions NEW

PredictHQ – Demand intelligence

Prophecy – Low code knowledge engineering NEW

Qeexo – AutoML on the Edge

Spell – ML and DL platform

Streamlit – Open-source app framework

Superwise – AI assurance to realize ML mannequin monitoring

Toucan Taco – Data storytelling platform NEW

Truera – Model intelligence platform

Yellowbrick – Data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Contributed by Daniel D. Gutierrez, Editor-in-Chief and Resident Data Scientist of insideBIGDATA. In addition to being a tech journalist, Daniel is also a training knowledge scientist, writer, educator and sits on a lot of advisory boards for numerous start-up corporations. 

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