Bash Command Line And Shell Scripts (Mercury Learning)


Author: Oswald Campesato
Publisher: Mercury Learning
ISBN: 978-1683925040
Print: 1683925041
Kindle: B08BJCFDKD
Audience: Users with an curiosity in processing information
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Mike James
Bash is it a pc language? Of course…

however generally it simply appears just like the Linux command line. As a end result books on the “language” have to select of focusing on programmers or customers.  Books that concentrate on the programmer are inclined to assume that the reader is aware of many of the fundamentals of the Linux command line and proceed from this level to introduce programming options that make scripting attainable.This Pocket Primer spends plenty of time discussing the Linux command line and so is rather more appropriate for the newbie.

It begins off with a take a look at what Bash is and what shells use it and what you’re more likely to encounter in the true world. From right here we now have a reasonably customary account of the command line principally working with information. My solely grievance is that there is not sufficient distinction between the options which might be Bash and people which might be merely Linux/Unix utilities. Chapter 2 continues with an in-depth take a look at file instructions. Chapter three lists “useful” instructions – in fact what is helpful will depend on what you are attempting to do, however this isn’t a foul choice. 


Chapter Four is the place we actually begin coping with Bash. It introduces expressions, variables, conditionals and loops. This is what makes Bash a programming language. This is kind of a brief chapter and in case you are fully new to the concept of programming you may nicely discover it laborious going. What makes this worse is that after this chapter the guide settles on explaining “big” Linux/Unix utilities. This is nice in case your predominant concern is writing Bash to course of textual content or information – much less so in case you are wanting to make use of Bash to create set up or upkeep scripts.

Chapter 5 is about grep, the sample matching utility that each Linux person encounters in some kind or different ultimately. This wants a guide to itself. Chapter 6 is about sed, a stream editor which can be utilized to course of information of textual content or information. This wants a guide to itself. Chapter 7 completes the trilogy of chapters which might be on subjects sufficiently big to fill a guide in their very own proper. It is about awk, one other textual content processing and information manipulation utility.

Chapter eight returns to Bash programming with a take a look at how one can create shell scripts. For me that is what Bash is all about. Chapter 9 strikes on to make use of the “big” utilities – grep and awk – in shell scripts to automate the information processing. The closing chapter is a set of fascinating shell scripts. There are scripts for cron and for inspecting logs. There is not any signal of systemd which is one thing many is not going to miss, however I regard this as the fashionable solution to do issues below Linux.

Table of Contents


If you’re searching for a guide on programming utilizing Bash then this most likely is not the guide you need. Having stated this, there are plenty of good examples which you may wish to learn by means of to ensure you know what you’re doing. The emphasis on awk, sed and grep imply that it’s rather more suited to a person who needs to learn to course of messy information and for those who fall into this class you may discover this guide a sensible introduction to such issues – however word it is not simple. I’ve to confess that now and again I’ve deserted utilizing awk in favor of writing precisely what I wanted in Python… however then I do know Python. 


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