CEO interview: Quantum safety for the true world

Despite the identify, Crypto Quantique isn’t really about quantum encryption. But it’s about safety, and is gaining traction within the semiconductor trade and the Internet of Things (IoT). Instead it’s a couple of hybrid, finish to finish mannequin, Dr Shahram Mossayebi, CEO and founder tells eeNews Europe.

“We want to address the trust issue in the supply chain,” stated Mossayebi.

“One of the challenges is that industry looks at security as a cost but all the companies looking at Industry 4.0 are not connecting thig to the Internet because they are afraid of cyber attacks, The pandemic showed us that if you had a connected production line you could work through the pandemic so it’s not a cost, it’s an enabler for new industries. There’s still a lot of work to be done on security, it’s not just protection, it’s a way into new markets with more autonomy and more flexibility in how you do things,” he stated.

“Things are changing – a lot of big names understand the complexities of the security solutions put there and understand having something that’s easy to use is vital,” he stated. “We are doing that job for them, the proof of idea, we bundle it and provides it to discipline engineers to shortly arrange clients.

“Suddenly in the last six months everyone is talking about the root of trust. They are coming to us asking for root of trust and cloud connectivity. People look at chips as a commodity and don’t understand how important they are. Somehow people forget about that. Now with AI and machine learning people are looking at semiconductors,” he stated.

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