So What, What Does It Mean to Be You? A Look Into Subin Cheong

Sophomore Subin Cheong. Photo by Dani Massey.

Double majoring earlier than the pandemic was difficult sufficient. It consisted of sustaining time for your self, getting round to doing the whole lot in your to-do checklist and staying on prime of your work whereas the whole lot round you calls for some type of consideration. However, sophomore Subin Cheong faces every of those challenges with a lab coat and a large smile on her face. Cheong majors in each biology and pc science and minors in knowledge science. Sounds busy, proper? But wait, there’s extra! Cheong spends the time she isn’t in school working within the biology stockroom, organising labs for various biology lecture rooms whereas ensuring the whole lot meets excessive lab requirements. Cheong is the essence of biology, consuming, sleeping and respiration it with each atom crammed with a love for the sciences. 

As you may piece collectively, science is part of Cheong’s on a regular basis life however digging into her freshman yr, Cheong recalled she began at  Lawrence with a spotlight in English literature. Cheong mirrored, “I wanted to come in doing English literature, which is crazy ‘cause I took a U-turn. I came [into Lawrence], and I learned a little bit more about Lawrence’s science department and it just drew me in– like the whole science building.” She mentioned that this primary second of inspiration got here from her first time period of school during which she took Biology 130 professors Beth De Stasio and Shannon L. Newman. This opened a brand new door of alternative for Cheong, one she hadn’t ever taken the prospect to completely open. She talked about struggling to search out practicality in her future if she stayed with  English, and she or he thought her dad and mom felt the identical. This newfound ardour that Cheong unlocked was met with glad approval from each her dad and mom and from herself. 

Cheong didn’t set her tunnel imaginative and prescient onto the sciences merely for parental approval, although. Biology is written into Cheong’s historical past. She defined that she grew up sick. “I grew up mostly in the hospital and so all around me, it was biology, you know, science and stuff like that,” she mentioned. “So I was like, you know, maybe I could give [biology] a shot. I do really enjoy bio.” Cheong’s historical past with the hospital developed a hidden ardour inside her. Her younger self held onto the curiosity of that world–the world of medication and science–till she was able to foster it into a completely realized ardour. 

With this newly creating ardour thrust into her life throughout her first time period of school, a time of recent discoveries and self-growth, Cheong discovered consolation in being at Lawrence. She discovered herself with assist from her friends and advisor, professor Karen Hoffmann, who helped nurture this modification. She recalled that the transition from the English division to biology was extraordinarily supportive as her advisor helped by each step of the method, “I talked to my advisor who is an English professor because obviously I came in with English and she was so supportive, and she reached out to multiple [biology] professors to help me out with scheduling my [biology] classes for the year. And I couldn’t have been more grateful for that.” Cheong was met with validation from her friends and steerage from her advisor from the start, the form of assist that will permit her to be snug with change and search out what she needed. 

For somebody like Cheong, who enjoys the problem of change and new alternatives, Lawrence’s liberal arts training is ideal. She started to push her curiosity past biology and tried new courses. Of these courses, she hooked onto pc science and knowledge science as one other main and minor. After taking one time period of every, she discovered herself exhausted however with an enormous quantity of recent info. While she acknowledged the issue of the course,  in the end the payoff was too rewarding to not pursue. She acknowledged that due to the expertise Lawrence gave her, “You’re able to explore all kinds of different things. Even if you’re a science major, you’re open to taking music classes or humanities classes, and vice versa. It just felt like I was free to choose my own path. I wasn’t constrained from the very beginning to go down one certain path and then have to go through this whole process of trying to change majors as other colleges do.”

Cheong is pushed.  When she isn’t in biology class or the labs, she’s within the inventory room working to both arrange a lab experiment or make certain the whole lot is in place. If in some way you don’t discover her there, you may catch her coding Java and Python for her pc science courses. While Cheong may be very busy and has loads on her plate every single day, Cheong mentioned that she has discovered a way of group and residential with folks in her courses and her work which has helped mitigate emotions of burnout and forestall being overwhelmed. She defined that working within the biology stockroom with different folks experiencing the identical frustrations and successes gave her a way of assist and group not like every other. She additionally discovered that the folks with whom she takes courses have helped her discover methods to manage by shared experiences.  They acknowledge and validate her day-to-day experiences on the similar core degree. 

Subin Cheong’s world is a love for science. She is pushed by the urge to search out biology in the whole lot round her and perceive the world from a organic standpoint. While Cheong is determining the subsequent stage of her life, one factor is obvious: this ardour and love is her driving goal, one which she is going to undoubtedly pursue lengthy after Lawrence. This is the identify of somebody who might be vital in science and a reputation to recollect.


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