Python strikes once more: TIOBE Index rankings present shake-ups in prime programming languages

In the subsequent six months, TIOBE Software CEO speculates that Python might be coming for the highest spot within the firm’s Programming Community index. So which language will plummet?

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TIOBE just lately launched its roundup of the top programming languages for May. The firm’s common snapshots in its month-to-month TIOBE Index element granular modifications within the ever-evolving programming language panorama and supply insights into a particular choices’ potential future trajectory. Could Python, TIOBE’s 2020 programming language of the 12 months, nab the highest spot within the not-too-distant future?

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“Last November Python briefly swapped positions with Java for the second position in the TIOBE index, and this month Python strikes again. The difference is only 0.11%, but it is reasonable to assume that Python will keep its second position for a longer time now,” stated Paul Jansen, CEO TIOBE Software, within the launch. 

“It might be even heading for the first place of the TIOBE index in the next half year, because C is (just like Java) losing popularity,” Jansen continued.

In the most recent rankings, C holds the highest spot with a 13.38% general ranking, representing a 3.68% drop since final May. Runner-up Python’s ranking (11.87%) has elevated 2.75% within the final 12 months and that is sufficient to edge out third-place Java. With an 11.74% ranking within the newest roundup, Java’s general ranking has dipped 4.54% since May 2020. At that point, Java was ranked No. 2 and Python positioned third.

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Rounding out the highest 5, C++ and C# tout rankings of seven.81% and 4.41%, respectively; the identical positions these two languages held within the May 2020 rankings.

Next up, Visual Basic holds the No. 6 spot with minimal change (unfavourable 0.16%) in its ranking (4.02%) since May 2020 and JavaScript ranks seventh. Interestingly, Assembly language has surged within the final 12 months and holds the No. eight spot within the newest rankings with a 2.43% ranking. (In May 2020, Assembly language claimed the No. 14 place.)

The programming language PHP holds the No. 9 place with a 1.86% ranking (a one-spot drop because the May 2020 roundup) and SQL caps off the highest 10 with a 1.71% ranking.

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Year over 12 months, there are just a few surging newcomers within the rankings between No. 11 and No. 20. For instance; No. 11 Ruby has jumped 4 spots since May 2020 and now boasts a 1.50% ranking. Previously ranked No.17, Classic Visual Basic has leap-frogged a lot of different programming languages within the final 12 months and now claims the No. 12 spot. During this time interval, R has slipped from No. 10 to No. 13.

With a 1.25% ranking, Groovy holds the No. 14 spot; a markedly year-over-year leap from its May 2020 place (38). Delphi/Object Pascal is ranked 17th within the newest rankings (a six-spot soar since May 2020) and Fortran has climbed from No. 34 to No. 20 throughout this time interval.

TIOBE makes use of a lot of metrics together with searches on Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, and Baidu to find out these month-to-month rankings. Feel free to peruse the full index on the TIOBE website.

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