Why Eggoz is Planning to Launch its D2C Channel Soon

Abhishek Negi, Uttam Kumar, Aditya Singh, and Pankaj Pandey left soft company jobs to do one thing massive within the agriculture house. While exploring choices, they understood that expertise penetration in an area like agriculture could be very minimal and has an enormous potential in a rustic like India. Additionally, although eggs are the third-largest contributor to the Indian breakfast basket, 97 p.c of the whole eggs in India are consumed in an unpackaged format that’s stale, unhygienic, and untraceable. 

“We saw this as a huge gap and opportunity to build a brand of fresh eggs and deep integration with farmers,” says Abhishek Negi, Co-Founder, Eggoz.

“Currently, Eggoz products are available at general trade, modern trade outlets, online e-commerce stores and soon we will be launching our own website. We are currently present in 8 cities across 5 states in North India,” he additional provides.

The merchandise of the omnichannel model can be found in all of the main offline and on-line stores, predominantly in NCR/ Gurugram, and in addition in Lucknow, Allahabad, Patna, Ranchi, Indore, and Bhopal.

“Recently, we have started selling our eggs on Bigbasket as well. We are also shortly launching our direct-to-consumer channel,” he states.

Product Portfolio

At current, Eggoz provides white eggs, brown eggs, and enriched eggs. 

“Our eggs are all about freshness, which we package within 36 hours of laying. Our present enriched eggs product line: Nutraplus has been lab certified to fulfill the daily recommended intake of vitamin D and B12 with just 2 nutraplus eggs. We also plan to venture into egg snacks soon,” says Negi. 

Technology: Empowering Eggoz

Eggoz is a technology-driven firm the place your entire order administration, provide chain, and farmer flock administration tech platform has been developed in-house.

“We have developed a farm management app, which makes the farms smarter with IoT sensors that capture environmental data. We are also in the process of using the huge data that we received at both farm and flock levels to make relevant predictions using artificial intelligence,” he says.

Empowering Farmers

Eggoz’s asset-light farming expertise brings business egg farming to small and marginal farmers who can rear a flock of 500-5,000 birds. As everyone knows that Indian agriculture is basically depending on small and marginal farmers, they’re those who at the moment can’t do egg farming as a result of current Capex heavy farm design. 

“With the help of the technological advancement and interventions, this can be executed at a smaller scale and when that happens, egg farming would bring about another white revolution in India and contribute significantly to egg production as well as farmer’s income,” says Negi.
“The model also helps many small to mid-scale rural farmers to get into egg farming by making their Capex entry barriers very low. We also guarantee to buy off the entire produce of our farmers by making direct payments into their accounts,” he provides.

Garnering Revenues

Eggs are a superfood, so the model is concentrating on each city and semi-urban shoppers. 

“Revenue generation is from consumers by selling Eggoz products. There is no commission with farmers. We, in turn, pass on part of the revenues collected from consumers to farmers for egg procurement,” asserts Negi.

Future Plans

Eggoz is planning to increase to the opposite markets in Tier I and II segments quickly. The model is planning to lift funds to increase into new geographies, constructing model consciousness, and launch extra value-added merchandise. 

“Eggoz is on a mission to build an ‘Amul for eggs and egg-based products’, a nationwide brand of eggs and egg-based products that come with a seal of approval from the rural farmers and a brand that consumers can trust. We want to create excitement for adults and children by introducing a range of fun, healthy and tasty products with the goodness of eggs. We want to lead from the front and develop this egg protein category with a high consumer-centric approach,” he concludes.


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