The World’s Data Vaults: Learn How Supercomputers Store Trillions of Gigabytes

As you learn this text, you might be producing knowledge for the servers around the globe. Everything we do on-line has a footprint within the digital world, including to the load that is carried by excessive efficiency computer systems (a.okay.a. supercomputers). 

European Commission of Digital Strategy defines the term as “High performance computing (HPC), also known as supercomputing, refers to computing systems with extremely high computational power that are able to solve hugely complex and demanding problems.”

And the load of this knowledge varies vastly, from only a new e mail account to Internet of Things (IoT), cloud knowledge, synthetic intelligence (AI), digital finance knowledge, tons of excessive decision illustrations, movies, 4K movies, video games, analysis knowledge, and extra.

This knowledge amounted to a complete of over 5 zettabytes (1 zettabyte = 1 trillion gigabytes) in 2011. As of 2020, the determine reached 59 zettabytes. Thanks to the accelerated growth of digitalization, this determine will proceed to extend, with consultants predicting it should attain 149 zettabytes by 2024. 

The Clusters 

Such an astronomical quantity of knowledge will get saved in supercomputers which might be networked into clusters. The clusters function on software program and algorithms which might be supported by a whole bunch or 1000’s of supercomputers (excessive performing computer systems). These clusters seize the output as a way to full the info storage course of. 

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This tight-knit group of excessive performing computer systems is super-sensitive towards any error, lack of velocity, or lagging. Therefore, every tiny piece of {hardware} and software program counts in terms of completely executing the info storage course of for the trillions of gigabytes of knowledge. 

These supercomputers, or excessive performing computer systems are utilized in fields that require innovative know-how computer systems reminiscent of quantum mechanics, climate forecasting, local weather analysis, oil and fuel exploration, molecular modeling, bodily simulations reminiscent of simulations of the early moments of the universe, airplane and spacecraft aerodynamics in addition to the sphere of cryptanalysis.

Northern Data: A HPC Giant 

One of the pioneering corporations that reply this want for top efficiency computing is Northern Data, a number one supplier of knowledge heart infrastructures. Northern Data affords a HPC infrastructure platform that’s able to processing knowledge units within the billions. The firm leverages its in-house AI-technology to arrange high-performance computing {hardware} as much as 20 occasions sooner than opponents with out AI.

The World's Data Vaults: Learn How Supercomputers Store Trillions of Gigabytes
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Northern Data supplies professional HPC options to shoppers working in numerous sectors, reminiscent of artificial ixntelligence, huge knowledge analytics, blockchain, Bitcoin-mining, rendering, and extra.

By providing cost-effective HPC options, Northern Data reached a market capitalization of as much as €2 billion, with a projected 2021 revenue of €285 – 325 million

Operating out of areas in Scandinavia and Canada, Northern Data is constructing one of many world’s largest GPU-based distributed computing clusters powering HPC functions, specializing in areas reminiscent of synthetic intelligence, deep studying and rendering.

These Northern Data functions should not primarily based on Asics chips as utilized in Bitcoin mining, however on graphics processing models (GPUs) and central processing models (CPUs). 

A Sustainable Approach to High-Performance Computing

Northern Data designs its knowledge facilities by relating to sustainability. The facilities are powered by low-cost vitality sources and their building is tailor-made to supply the very best effectivity and efficiency. 

The World's Data Vaults: Learn How Supercomputers Store Trillions of Gigabytes
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The data center web site that the corporate acquired initially of 2021 in Sweden is absolutely powered by renewable vitality generated by hydropower vegetation within the area. Being situated at simply 49 miles (80 kilometers) away from the Arctic Circle, the location advantages from a median annual temperature of  34.34 levels Fahrenheit (1.three levels Celsius), making it perfect for cooling HPC {hardware} with out losing vitality, thus attaining peak vitality effectivity values with a PUE of round 1.07 in comparison with EU common of round 1.7. In addition, the hydropower vegetation within the web site’s neighborhood produce round 14 terawatt hours (TWh) yearly, which Northern Data can use to develop its exercise. 

The founder and CEO of Northern Data, Aroosh Thillainathan, explains the growth strategy of Northern Data along with his assertion in March 2021:”Our expansion is proceeding rapidly and on schedule. We are pleased to have acquired a facility in northern Sweden that fits perfectly into our blueprint of the data center of the future.: The site is highly efficient and based on renewable energy at the most favorable conditions in the EU, while at the same time we have every opportunity to scale up almost at will. As a result, the site marks an important milestone in our roadmap, since it will enable us to meet the massive demand for HPC computing power very effectively.”

“As a European company, we are not subject to the U.S. Cloud Act, which, in contrast, secures U.S. authorities access to the stored data of large American hyperscalers. The data sovereignty we can offer in comparison is another selling proposition that makes us particularly attractive to certain customers and drives demand,” continued Thillainathan.

Energy Source is a Big Advantage

Northern Data claims that the corporate’s sustainability efforts profit the atmosphere, nevertheless it additionally grants the corporate an enormous benefit over its opponents as a result of entry to electrical energy on the lowest costs within the EU. 

Owing to its sustainability-driven growth efforts and its funding in strategic websites, Northern Data can entry comparable vitality sources for the entire high-tech knowledge facilities in its infrastructure. By working each massive knowledge facilities at mounted areas and modular, cellular high-tech knowledge facilities that may be put in shortly close to renewable vitality sources, Northern Data’s setup allows scalable inexperienced vitality. The firm is able to providing the very best price effectivity for HPC options whereas making local weather neutrality and sustainability its high precedence. 

“Northern Data has been able to create a versatile multi-site network of efficient HPC capabilities with an industry-leading sustainability focus by offering secured access to renewable energy sources.” said Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO of Northern Data


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